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old mutual funeral cover

A well-known insurance policy called Old Mutual Funeral Cover offers financial assistance to people and their families at the traumatic moment of losing a loved one. We’ll go more into Old Mutual Funeral Cover’s features and operation in this blog article.

Insurance Options

Old Mutual Funeral Cover provides the Standard Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, and the Elite Plan as its three primary funeral insurance alternatives.

Regular Program
The policyholder, their spouse or partner, and up to six children are all covered under the Standard Plan, which is a basic insurance choice. This choice provides a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries of the policyholder upon their demise, which can be used to pay for funeral costs. The payout amount is determined by the premium, which begins at R45 per month.

Complete Strategy
The policyholder, their spouse or partner, and up to six children are all covered under the complete Plan, which is a more complete choice. This choice comes with a variety of advantages, including repatriation services, transportation advantages, and airtime advantages. The monthly cost for this option is R95.

Elite Program
The Elite Plan provides the greatest degree of coverage and is the most comprehensive choice. The insured, their spouse or partner, and up to ten children are all covered by this choice. It offers all of the Comprehensive Plan’s advantages in addition to other perks including groceries and educational benefits. The monthly premium for this option is R185.


In addition to the aforementioned insurance choices, policyholders of Old Mutual Funeral insurance are entitled to a number of advantages. These advantages consist of:

Right away Cover
Since Old Mutual offers immediate coverage starting with the first premium payment, policyholders are protected as soon as they begin making payments.

Certain Acceptance
Old Mutual Funeral Cover has the advantage of not requiring a medical check, and policyholders are assured acceptance as long as they satisfy the age criteria.

Additional Advantages
Old Mutual also provides other perks, such as access to a 24-hour hotline, legal and financial guidance, and bereavement counseling, in addition to the advantages already stated.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover offers flexible payment schedules, allowing policyholders to make weekly, biweekly, or monthly premium payments. Additionally, they provide the choice to alter the cover amount at any time.


Individuals and families in South Africa have access to a variety of thorough and reasonable funeral protection solutions thanks to Old Mutual Funeral protection. The supplementary advantages give peace of mind at a trying period, while the three primary cover choices offer flexibility and choice. It’s always a good idea to chat with an Old Mutual specialist to receive a quotation that is accurate and tailored to your individual needs.

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