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pep funeral cover for pensioners

As we become older, we begin to consider the future more and how we might be ready for it. Although preparing for one’s own funeral may not be the most enjoyable subject, it must be taken into account. To lessen the financial burden on their loved ones, many seniors choose funeral insurance. One such company that provides alternatives especially created for retirees is PEP Funeral Cover. We’ll go deeper into the details of PEP funeral coverage for seniors in this blog article.

Funeral Cover Options from PEP

Pensioners can pick between the Pensioner Cash Plan and the Pensioner Premium Plan, which are PEP’s two primary funeral coverage alternatives.

Retirement Cash Plan
For individuals looking for an economical basic cover alternative, there is the Pensioner Cash Plan. This choice simply insures the policyholder and, in the event of death, distributes a lump payment to the beneficiary. The premium, which starts at R30 per month, determines the amount that will be paid out.

Plan for Pensioner Premiums
A more extensive alternative is the Pensioner Premium Plan, which provides coverage for the policyholder, their spouse or partner, and up to six children. Repatriation services, grocery benefits, transportation advantages, and airtime benefits are just a few of the perks offered by this choice. The monthly cost for this option is R150.

Benefits of PEP Funeral Coverage

PEP funeral insurance for retirees provides policyholders with a number of perks in addition to the above-mentioned cover choices. These advantages consist of:

Immediate Cover PEP gives coverage starting with the first premium payment, so policyholders are protected as soon as they begin making payments.

Certain Acceptance
The fact that PEP Funeral Cover for Pensioners does not need a medical exam and that policyholders are guaranteed acceptance as long as they match the age restrictions is one of the perks of the plan.

Additional Advantages
Along with the aforementioned advantages, PEP also provides extra advantages like access to a 24-hour helpline, legal and financial counsel, and grief counseling.


In conclusion, people wishing to arrange for their own funeral have cheap choices with PEP funeral protection for retirees. The two primary cover choices offer flexibility and choice, and the extra benefits give assurance in trying times. It’s crucial to remember that the aforementioned pricing might differ depending on your age and the type of insurance you choose. A PEP representative should be contacted to obtain an exact price based on your unique situation.

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