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Santam Pet Insurance Review

Santam Pet Insurance is committed to helping pet owners safeguard their furry friends’ health and happiness. As a leading provider of pet insurance in South Africa, they offer comprehensive coverage for dogs and cats that includes accident and illness cover, optional routine care benefits, as well as pre-existing condition coverage with certain restrictions. Their plans are customizable so you can select the perfect coverage at an affordable price to fit your budget and your pet’s needs. All this coupled with flexible excess options means that pets owners have the financial protection they need provided by Santam. This includes veterinary treatments including consultations, surgeries, hospitalization, medication, specialist treatments and even travel expenses if your pet is lost or stolen.

Santam’s comprehensive policies provide the option to add on routine care benefits such as vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, and dental cleanings. Though this may involve an additional cost, providing proactive preventative care to your pet can help you save money in the long run by reducing costly health issues down the line.

It’s also important to note that Santam offers competitive pricing with various discounts available related to multi-pet ownership, loyalty rewards programs, paying annually, and online enrolment.

Filing a claim is swift and easy with Santam Pet Insurance – they offer 48-hour turnaround time on claims via their online submission system or post, as well as 24-hour customer service assistance for any queries.

Santam Pet Insurance offers a range of comprehensive coverage, which includes pre-existing conditions. They provide flexible excess options and an add-on that covers routine care benefits, and their pricing is competitively priced with discounts available. Plus, their customer service is top-notch with a customer satisfaction rating of over 90%.

When considering Santam Pet Insurance for your pet, you should be aware of the pros and cons:
Pros – Comprehensive coverage with pre-existing conditions; flexible excess options; routine care benefits; competitive rates and discounts; superior customer service.
Cons – Routine care benefits cost extra; may not always be the most cost effective option.

As a comprehensive pet insurer, Santam Pet Insurance offers various plans that can be tailored to fit any budget and coverage needs. Beyond this, its flexible excess options also provide an attractive incentive for those hoping to save on premiums. Though the cost of premium may be higher than some other providers, Santam’s commitment to excellent customer service and extensive coverage of pre-existing conditions make it worth consideration before making a decision. For those in the hunt for quality pet insurance, Santam is definitely worth a look.

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